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Learn What To Do When You're A New Parent And Your Child Hits Their Head

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Children fall all the time, but knowing what to do when they hit their head is very important when you are a new parent. There are many parents who make the mistake of thinking that their child is fine if they do not see any blood when their child gets up after falling. That is not always the case, though. The following guide walks you through the steps to take if your child falls and hits their head:

Contact Your Child's Doctor

The first thing you need to do is contact your child's doctor to let them know what happened. If your child is injured after the doctor's office is closed, you may have to leave a message on the machine and speak to the doctor in the morning.

Take Your Child to an Urgent Care Facility

Next, you need to take your child to an urgent care facility. Your child will need to be looked at by medical professionals to ensure that they do not have a concussion or that there is no brain swelling or blood pooling around their brain. Taking your child to be evaluated right away will ensure that they are able to be treated for any issues that may have occurred when they hit their head in a timely manner.

Monitor Your Child's Condition

If the doctors at the urgent care center determine that your child does have a concussion, they will walk you through the steps to take to make sure that your child is able to heal properly. It is important to make sure to heed their advice and keep your child as calm and safe as you can possibly can. Your child will not be able to play in any sports activities for quite some time to give their brain time to heal.

Take Your Child to Their Doctor

It is important to have your child reevaluated by their doctor before allowing them to play sports after a concussion to make sure that everything has properly healed. Your child's doctor will be able to evaluate them and get the necessary tests done to ensure that everything has healed properly.

Talk to your child constantly to find out how they are feeling. If they start to feel nauseous or weak, take them to the doctor right away. You want to be sure that they can get the care they need immediately so that they do not have long-term repercussions from the injury.