Dealing with a Cancer Diagnosis

  • How Locally Applied Dental Antibiotics Help With Root Canals

    1 December 2021

    Dental infections occur in many people's mouths and may spread rapidly into more delicate areas. For example, a tooth with a small hole or cavity could see bacteria spread inside from the tooth's surface or the gums. When this happens, the sensitive root of the tooth may become infected, and root canals are necessary. However, locally applied dental antibiotics may help out in this common situation. Root Infections May Be Painful

  • Three Things That Can Accelerate Hearing Loss That You Should Be Wary Of

    1 November 2021

    Hearing loss is an unfortunate condition that many people will develop as they get older. Some form of hearing loss is to be expected as you age, as this is just part of your body deteriorating over time. Of course, there are actions you can do to help prevent this and there are also things that you can do to accelerate hearing loss. Often people don't realize just how risky some day-to-day regular activities can be for hearing loss, so it is important you get informed if any of the following apply to you.

  • Six Things That Make It Easier To Find What You're Looking For At A Marijuana Dispensary

    1 October 2021

    It can feel a little overwhelming to head to a marijuana dispensary for the first time to find the best products for your needs and expectations. The following are six things you can do that make it easier to find what you're looking for at a marijuana dispensary.  Think about what you want in advance Nowadays, there is a wide variety of marijuana products available at the average dispensary. You'll stand better chances of finding exactly what you're looking for when you go to a marijuana dispensary if you have an idea of what you're looking for in advance.

  • Need Medical Imaging? 3 Tips To Finding A Quality Imaging Center

    31 August 2021

    If your doctor has recommended that you get some medical imaging done, you may have the option of choosing which imaging center you actually go to. Most communities have several imaging centers and offices to choose from, but have you ever wondered what to look for? As with all medical offices, each one will have its own policies and practices that will either make it great or a little hard to deal with.

  • Varicose Veins Causing Pain? 2 Treatment Options Available

    3 August 2021

    Varicose veins can cause pain in the legs, especially over time. Fortunately, there are treatment options for varicose veins that can take care of this problem. Keep reading to learn about two treatment options available to you. Endovenous Ablation With endovenous ablation, the varicose veins are closed off, so they stop growing. To do this, the doctor inserts a needle inside the varicose vein and then uses a laser to destroy the tissue inside the vein, which will then cause the vein to close.

  • 6 Tips to Help You Save Money at the Pharmacy

    1 July 2021

    Data from Georgetown University indicates that approximately 66 percent of US adults use prescription medications. Unfortunately, it's a struggle for some individuals to pay for their medications when it's time to pick them up from the pharmacy. If it's cumbersome to pay for your prescriptions, here are a few tips to help you lower your expenses.  1. Ask If There's a Generic Alternative Generics are a tried and true way to lower your prescription drug spending.

  • How to Choose a Quality Dispensary

    3 June 2021

    If you want to purchase marijuana, you are going to need to purchase it from a dispensary. However, when it comes to choosing a dispensary to work with, there are a few different traits you are going to want to consider. Trait #1: Bud Quality  First, you will want to focus on the quality of the bud that the dispensary offers. You want to work with a dispensary that offers good products.

  • What Does Physical Therapy Treat and How Do You Prepare for It?

    1 April 2021

    Physical therapy is a non-invasive treatment that helps restore your physical function and improve your quality of life. It is beneficial for people of all ages and can help you recover from an illness or injury faster. If your doctor has advised you to undergo physical therapy, you may not know what to expect. Here is some important information you should know about physical therapy. Common Conditions Physical Therapy Treats

  • FAQs About Post-Surgery Radiation Treatment for Breast Cancer

    1 April 2021

    For most patients, the idea of having surgery to remove breast cancer tumors is scary in and of itself. But learning that you will need radiation therapy after surgery can be even more fear-inducing. Most people do not know a lot about radiation treatment, other than that it can cause side effects, and as such, they tend to approach this treatment with quite a bit of apprehension — and with a lot of questions.

  • Are TMS Treatment Right For You?

    26 February 2021

    Have you ever been diagnosed with depression? If so, you have likely talked to your doctor about treatment methods and most likely been prescribed some type of medication. For years, medication and therapy have been the most common treatment for depression. However, a new FDA-approved treatment may be exactly what you have been looking for to treat your depression in an extremely effective way. TMS or Transcranial magnetic stimulation is a way of almost revamping the electrical impulses in your brain to function more effectively.