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Help Your Spouse Maneuver A Wheelchair While Remaining Comfortable

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If your spouse will be using a wheelchair for the next couple months while their broken leg heals, try the following tips to help them transport themselves with the wheelchair and remain comfortable.

Install A Temporary Ramp And Safety Rails

Hire a construction company to install a temporary ramp leading to the front or back porch of your home so that your loved one can enter and exit the house without needing to ask for help. Inquire about safety rails when the ramp is installed, and consider having rails added to the sides of the ramp, as well as inside of your home.

Safety rails will be useful if your loved one starts rolling quickly in the wheelchair and would like to stop the chair. If rails are installed in hallways or the bathroom, your spouse can grab onto one of the rails and pull themselves out of the chair when desired. 

Clear The Property Outdoors And Use Walkie Talkies

If you have a paved walkway or driveway outdoors and your spouse will be utilizing the areas when spending time outdoors, take the time to remove loose items from the ground so that your partner can move along the walkway or driveway without needing to maneuver the wheelchair around obstacles. Purchase walkie talkies; keep one nearby and give the other one to your spouse before they head outdoors. If they need assistance, they can notify you by sending you a message through the handheld device.

Purchase A Cushioned Seat Cover And Basket

Purchase a cushioned seat cover and slip it over the wheelchair's seat. A seat cover that is constructed of breathable fabric will help your spouse remain cool and comfortable, especially if they will be sitting in the wheelchair for extended amounts of time.

Hand your spouse a basket or choose to have one installed on the side of the wheelchair. Hardware and a drill can be used to secure a basket to a wheelchair. If your spouse ever decides that they do not want the basket on the wheelchair, simply unscrew the hardware before removing the basket. If your loved one would like to carry items from room to room while indoors or would like to bring a book, snack, or phone outdoors with them, they can conveniently set items inside of the basket so that their hands will be free to use in order to move the wheelchair.