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Signs That Tell You If A Knee Replacement Surgery Might Be In Your Future

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If you have been having some trouble with one or both of your knees, you might have found yourself wondering if there is going to be a knew replacement surgery in your future. To help you figure this out, you will want to stop for a moment and reflect on the following signs that it is time to consider surgery:

You Are Having A Lot Of Knee Pain In The Evenings

You are not going to want to make the mistake of assuming that because all, or the majority, of your knee pain comes in the evening that your knees are not in bad enough shape to benefit from surgery. The fact is, a lot of people find that the evenings are the worst for their knees simply because of all of the hours they have been awake and putting pressure on their knees. The wear and tear on the knees add up throughout the day, often making the joints extremely stiff and painful as nightfall approaches.

Physical Therapy And Medication Isn't Helping Anymore

In the beginning, when patients first seek the assistance of a doctor for pain in their knees, they may be prescribed anti-inflammatory medication that may help reduce the amount of discomfort they deal with. Also, depending on the cause of injury to the knee or how bad it has become to simply walk around, physical therapy treatments may be ordered. While those methods of treatment can help many people, if you are one of those who has found that you are no longer getting any relief from those methods, it might be time to consider other options. After all, the longer you wait to have the problem resolved, the harder it might be to recover from it in the end.

Your Overall Quality Of Life Is Suffering

It is important to make sure that your overall quality of life is as good as it can possibly be. This can be hard to do when your knee is causing you so many problems that you find it almost unbearable to walk from one side of your bedroom to the other. You might not be able to get enough exercise in order to remain healthy. You might have trouble working, which can ruin your finances. You also might find that you are starting to miss out on a lot of events with friends and family. All of those things can cause emotional and mental distress.

If you suspect that you are a good candidate for knee replacement surgery, you will want to get on the phone with your doctor and begin discussing your options. Check out a website like for more information and assistance.