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The Nipple Tattoo — A Valuable Part Of The Breast Reconstruction Process

by For Content

Going through the process of breast reconstruction after suffering from cancer can play a significant role in your recovery. Many women who lose a breast may feel less than their old self, given the role that their figure played in their identity. However, when you have your breast reconstructed, you'll look more familiar when you stand in front of the mirror, and you'll be able to wear your clothing of choice. One thing to think about to complete the reconstruction process is getting a nipple and areola tattooed on your reconstructed breast. This step might seem minor, but the following are reasons why it's valuable.

The Appearance Will Be More Authentic

Although your reconstructed breast will look correct in terms of its shape when you're clothed, you might feel that it lacks authenticity when you're not wearing your clothing. This could compel you to feel a bit shy around your spouse or partner. However, when you have a nipple and areola tattooed on the breast, it can take on much more of an authentic appearance. This visual change can potentially make you feel more comfortable and confident about how you look.

It Can Be Tailored To Your Specs

There's no "one side fits all" approach when it comes to having a nipple and areola tattooed onto your reconstructed breast. One of the advantages of this step in the process is that you can specify how you want these elements to look. For example, you can get the color of the nipple and areola matched to suit the look of your other nipple and areola. If you've had both breasts reconstructed, you can get the tattoo done in a shade that matches your skin tone. For example, if you have darker features, you may want darker nipples and areolas.

You'll Feel Whole Again

Some women who go through breast reconstruction do so with the goal of feeling whole. While you might be able to live without a reconstructed breast, there may be a part of you that feels more like the woman you used to be once the reconstruction is complete. Failing to have the nipple and areola tattooed onto your reconstructed breast may leave you noticing a feeling of lacking. However, once you've gone through this important step in the process, it's possible that you'll feel more whole, which should be beneficial for how you view yourself after this major procedure.