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What Reasons Do Companies Have For Drug Testing Their Employees?

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You may not realize it, but there are federal, state, and local laws that let private employers and companies drug test their employees or implement policies about drug use for their workers. For many industries, drug testing is an important part of staffing.

What reasons do companies have for drug testing their employees?

Keeping the Workplace Safe

One of the most important reasons for drug testing employees is to keep the workplace safe for all employees and potential customers. Some industries require their workers to be drug tested if they are operating machinery in which any kind of slip or accident could prove fatal or result in serious injury.

Many trucking companies require drug testing for their drivers to ensure the safety of not only the product being transported but the driver and the general public on the roads as well. There are some warehouses and manufacturers who require drug testing so no mistakes are made, and it's possible for a company to require pre-employment testing or random tests throughout the length of the worker's term with the company.

Federal and State Regulations

In some industries, it is a federal and/or state requirement that employees be drug tested prior to or during employment in that industry. For example, the United States Department of Transportation requires drug testing for different positions within the industry, including drivers or dispatchers.

The healthcare industry may also require drug testing, depending on state laws and what the worker is trained to do. Those who work in education may also be subjected to drug testing, dependent on state laws.

Worker's Compensation Benefits

One of the reasons that some companies might drug test their workers is to implement their worker's compensation plans and pay out benefits. Many states have regulations in place requiring this testing in order for insurance companies or the employer to pay out compensation benefits in the event of injury or accident in the workplace.

Along the same lines, many states have laws that will disqualify workers from receiving unemployment benefits if the worker is in violation of the company's drug policy.

It's possible that the company's insurance plans for their workers might offer discounts, should they use drug testing, too.

Prevention of Loss of Productivity

Many companies will implement drug testing of employees either before hiring them or at random points during employment to prevent productivity being lost. This loss could be due to workers calling in sick, being injured on the job, or causing damage to products because the employee was impaired in some way.

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