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Designing Your Loved One's Headstone? Tips To Help You Create The Perfect Inscription

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If your loved one has recently passed away, and you're in the process of making funeral arrangements, you'll need to choose an inscription for their headstone. The inscription will act as a lasting memorial for your loved one. If you're having a difficult time formulating the right words, here are four steps that can help you through the process.

Choose a Letter Form You Like

When you're designing the inscription for your loved one's headstone, you should start by choosing a letter form that you like. The letter form will help guide the creation of your headstone, especially where the wording is concerned. If you plan on a lengthy inscription, you'll want to choose a smaller letter form. However, if you'll be limiting your inscription to just a few words, you can choose a more pronounced letter form.

Consider Your Loved One's Personality

When it comes to choosing the perfect inscription for your loved one's headstone, it's important that you consider their personality. You want the inscription to serve as a lasting memory of your loved one, which means their personality should play an important role in the decision. If your loved one was humorous, consider adding a line that plays off their love of laughter. If they loved poetry, include a line from one of their favorite poems. You can also use one of your loved one's favorite quotes as part of the inscription.

Give Yourself Time to Think

If you're feeling pressured to choose an inscription, give yourself time to think. You don't have to choose the inscription right away. In fact, you can leave the temporary grave marker in place until you're able to process your emotions enough to create the perfect inscription for your loved one. It's important to note that there is no time line for when you need to place the headstone. Don't be afraid to take the time you need to create the perfect inscription.

Let the Family Get Involved

Choosing the inscription for a loved one's headstone is a deeply personal process. If you have family members who would like to have input in the choices you make, give them the opportunity to help create the inscription. This can provide you and your family members the opportunity to come together and reminisce over shared memories.

Choosing a fitting inscription for your loved one's headstone is an emotional experience. The information provided here can help you find the right words. For more information, reach out to companies like Maurice Moore Memorials.