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ED Treatments That Actually Work

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There are thousands of treatments out there which vendors claim work to combat erectile dysfunction. These range from pumps to pills, coming in many different sizes and forms. But here's the thing: many of these so-called erectile dysfunction treatments don't work as promised. Some only work for certain patients, and others don't work at all. If you suffer from ED and want relief, then your best bet is to see your doctor and utilize one of the treatments that they recommend. What might those treatments be? Take a look.

Phosphodiesterase Inhibitors

There are several prescription phosphodiesterase inhibitors that are commonly used in the United States. These drugs work by blocking the action of certain enzymes that restrict blood flow through the arteries. This allows blood to flow more readily into the penis, making an erection possible. One of the great things about PDE inhibitors is that you do not need to take them on a regular basis. You can simply take one when you want to have an erection. Some men do experience side effects, like headache and flushing. If you experience these side effects, tell your doctor — they can recommend a different ED treatment.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

When you tell your doctor about your erectile dysfunction, they will probably send you to have your testosterone levels checked. Sometimes, ED can be the result of falling testosterone levels. Supplementing your testosterone levels can make it easier to achieve an erection, and may also boost your libido in general. And no, you do not necessarily need to inject yourself with testosterone. There are topical gels and patches you can use, and these are just as effective.

Penile Injections

If you have normal testosterone levels and cannot tolerate phosphodiesterase inhibitors, then your doctor may recommend penile injections for the treatment of ED. Usually, these injections contain a medication called alprostadil. It works similarly to phosphodiesterase inhibitors in that it causes the blood vessels to expand, leading to an erection. You would give yourself the injection when you want an erection to occur. Your doctor can show you how to do this. Since the medication is injected directly into the penis, there are fewer side effects to worry about than with medications taken orally.

If you're going to seek treatment for ED, make sure it's a treatment that works. Leave those unproven herbal remedies on the shelf, and talk to your doctor, like those at NuMale Medical Center and other clinics, about the options above.