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Three Things That Can Accelerate Hearing Loss That You Should Be Wary Of

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Hearing loss is an unfortunate condition that many people will develop as they get older. Some form of hearing loss is to be expected as you age, as this is just part of your body deteriorating over time. Of course, there are actions you can do to help prevent this and there are also things that you can do to accelerate hearing loss. Often people don't realize just how risky some day-to-day regular activities can be for hearing loss, so it is important you get informed if any of the following apply to you. If you have any intuition or feeling that you are experiencing hearing loss, then go get checked ASAP!

Loud Music

If you have ever turned your modern headphones up to the maximum, then you probably got a warning letting you know you were using them above the recommended threshold. This is not just some static warning with no evidence, there is a lot of proof out there that loud music will cause hearing loss at a much faster rate. If you work at events with loud music or you love jamming out to some heavy metal on your way to work, you need to think about whether it is worth suffering hearing loss for. That doesn't mean you can't enjoy loud music now and again, just use it in moderation wherever possible.

Medication Usage

That's right, some common household medicines can actually damage your inner ear, although research is still being done on exactly what is happening and how much it takes. One thing that is known is that viagra is among those medications that will cause hearing loss, which is especially cruel given that the age of its users is frequently higher than most other medications. Always ask your doctor whether or not the medication you are getting is linked to hearing loss, as you may find out that there is more than you realize.


America is a sporting nation, but it is important to enjoy your recreational or competitive leagues safely. That means wearing proper safety gear, such as a helmet, and always being very aware of those around you so that you are not involved in any major collisions. Repeated hits to the ears from an opponent or even just the ball itself can cause damage to the inner ear. There are many reasons why you need to be careful when playing sports, but hearing loss is often overlooked. If you ever think you can't hear as well as you did, then go get checked out before you keep playing!