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Spinal Cord Problems: Do You Need Spinal Rehab?

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If infection, disease, or another condition damaged the bones and spinal cord in your spine, contact a doctor about spinal rehab. Spinal rehab, or spinal rehabilitation, treats all types of spinal conditions, including traumatic injuries, osteoarthritis, infection, and cancer. Learn more about spinal cord problems and how spinal rehab can help you below.

What Happened to Your Spine?

The cells and nerves in your spinal cord work similar to a telephone cord or cable line. The tissues transmit messages between your brain and body every second of the day and night. When the bones in your spine become weak, they leave the cells and nerves in your spinal cord open to infection, injury, and disease. Your spine then no longer has the ability to communicate with your brain or body properly.

Spinal cord problems can cause a number of things to happen to you. Your arms, fingers, legs, and toes may lose feeling or tingle. Your neck and spine column may hurt or ache during the day. You may even feel weak, lethargic, or extremely tired throughout the day or night. 

Some spinal conditions can prevent you from standing or walking upright. The bones in your spine may not have the strength to support or keep your upper body straight. Some older adults develop a condition commonly known as hunchback when their upper body becomes too weak. Hunchback can eventually cause other issues for adults, including chronic back and neck pain.

If you want to improve your quality of life and treat your condition properly, seek spinal rehab today. 

What Can Spinal Rehab Do for You?

Spinal rehab is a unique type of physical therapy that focuses on rebuilding and retraining the bones in your spine. The therapy uses a variety of techniques, programs, and modalities to help you learn how to move your body again, including spine and back pain management, strength training, and gait training. 

You can visit a spinal rehab center and request treatment, or you can ask your doctor or health insurance company for a referral. You may even be able to schedule a telehealth visit with a rehabilitation center. Telehealth visits allow you to speak to a therapist through your computer or smart device. During the video call, a therapist will discuss your condition and what you may expect to happen to you during rehabilitation. 

If you're ready to move on with your life, contact a spinal rehab specialist for an appointment today.