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Can You Treat The Stabbing Pain In Your Neck?

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If you suffer from stabbing neck pain early in the morning or late at night, you should seek treatment. Stabbing neck pain isn't something you should ignore. Your pain may be due to pinched nerves or something even more serious. A doctor can determine where your pain is and how to treat it. Learn more about stabbing neck pain and how you can treat it below.

Why Does Your Neck Hurt So Much?

Neck pain affects people all over the world today, including working adults. The pain can be short or intermittent or it can be chronic and persistent. For most adults, the cause of their neck pain is unknown.

Many things cause stabbing pain to develop in your neck, including pinched nerves, and inflamed joints. Doctors refer to the nerves in your neck as cervical nerves. Cervical necks connect the nerves in your brain and head to the nerves in your spinal cord and upper body. If you pinch or accidentally suppress the nerves in your spine, shoulders, or arms, you can develop pain in your neck. 

You can also develop stabbing pain in your neck if you pinch a nerve in it. The pain can also spread to the nerves and muscles in your shoulders and arms. You may feel pain throughout your upper body as a result of the pinched nerve.

Along with pinched nerves, poor posture, damaged muscle tissue, and inflammation can also trigger neck pain. If you don't know why your neck feels the way it does, or if you suffer from any of the possible causes mentioned above, consult a doctor right away.

How Do You Treat Stabbing Neck Pain?

A doctor will need to rule out the issues above before they can diagnose your pain properly. To do so, a doctor may order X-rays or CT scans of your neck, shoulders, and back. X-rays and CT scans allow a physician to see inside your body.

If your X-rays or CT scans reveal problems with your nerves or muscles, a doctor may order you to rest until your nerves and muscles heal. Steroids and other medications may also be options for you. The medications prevent the nerves in your neck, shoulders, and spine from relaying pain to your brain. 

You may also need to take physical therapy to suppress or stop your pain. Physical therapy treatments, such as transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, prevent the nerves in your neck from transmitting pain signals. The treatments encourage or help the nerves heal over time. 

If you need immediate help treating your stabbing neck pain, consult a doctor near you today.