Dealing with a Cancer Diagnosis

  • Some Things You Should Know About Sport Injuries

    10 November 2017

    If you are an athlete you know how important it is to keep your body healthy. Just one injury can ruin your whole career, so it is vital that you know what to do to prevent injuries, as well as heal properly after an injury so that you can get back to your passion. Here are some things that you should know about your sports injuries. Is There Anyway To Prevent Injuries?

  • The Nipple Tattoo — A Valuable Part Of The Breast Reconstruction Process

    26 October 2017

    Going through the process of breast reconstruction after suffering from cancer can play a significant role in your recovery. Many women who lose a breast may feel less than their old self, given the role that their figure played in their identity. However, when you have your breast reconstructed, you'll look more familiar when you stand in front of the mirror, and you'll be able to wear your clothing of choice.

  • The Ultimate Gift To Yourself: How To Make Time In A Busy Life For Breast Augmentation

    9 October 2017

    With all you have to do in life, you probably think you don't have the time for a breast enhancement procedure, as much as you may want one. The preparations, the surgery itself, along with the recovery time just won't fit into your busy schedule. If that's your outlook, you may want to think again. Breast augmentation can provide many benefits and it may not be as time-consuming as you think.

  • What Causes A Child's Bronchitis To Go From Acute To Chronic?

    21 September 2017

    Bronchitis is one of the most common illnesses children face, and it only takes one cold or flu moving into the bronchial tubes for long nights full of coughing. Most cases are acute, which means they last less than three months and eventually heal entirely and go away. Yet millions of children live with long-term coughing and congestion because they've developed the chronic form of bronchitis. Find out what causes an acute case to become chronic to help your child recover.

  • Signs That Tell You If A Knee Replacement Surgery Might Be In Your Future

    22 August 2017

    If you have been having some trouble with one or both of your knees, you might have found yourself wondering if there is going to be a knew replacement surgery in your future. To help you figure this out, you will want to stop for a moment and reflect on the following signs that it is time to consider surgery: You Are Having A Lot Of Knee Pain In The Evenings

  • A Guide To Your Use Of Botox Treatments For Migraines

    2 August 2017

    If you hear about Botox treatments and your first association with it is its effectiveness at reducing wrinkles, you might be surprised to discover that it also has helped many chronic migraine sufferers improve their quality of life in recent years. Given that chronic migraine sufferers are symptomatic at least 15 days out of each month and there have been instances where the severity of a person's migraine rendered them permanently unable to work, the debilitating impact of a migraine is obvious.

  • Help Your Spouse Maneuver A Wheelchair While Remaining Comfortable

    25 July 2017

    If your spouse will be using a wheelchair for the next couple months while their broken leg heals, try the following tips to help them transport themselves with the wheelchair and remain comfortable. Install A Temporary Ramp And Safety Rails Hire a construction company to install a temporary ramp leading to the front or back porch of your home so that your loved one can enter and exit the house without needing to ask for help.